Because Anyone Can Have Reasonable Hope

I used to have reasonable hope: good marriage, get out of debt, happy kids…blah, blah, blah. It didn’t inspire me. I would only allow myself to think in the realm of what I saw was possible, and it felt caged, like I was living a prescribed life.

Now I have unreasonable hope that drives my growth and change. I can’t always see where I am going, but I have learned to connect to a deep, driving truth inside me that always leads me to freedom. I am learning to enjoy, not just live. Love instead of endure. Dance towards possibilities instead of trying to figure it all out. I don’t have it all figured out, but for once in my life, I am enjoying this kooky ride.

Sam I Am

  • I was born trying to figure life out, which is an exhausting trait
  • Middle child in a complicated, chaotic and wildly loving family…{I am still seeking attention}
  • Moved out at 17 because I clearly had life figured out
  • Married at 21 because I clearly had love figured out
  • Finished my MEd in Counselling at 25 and realized I didn’t know what the heck I was doing in marriage or life
  • Began training in Satir Therapy and Coaching at 26 and felt like I had finally found home
  • Brought life into this world at the age of 29, amazed at my love for my daughter, yet utterly bewildered at what it meant to be a mom
  • Figured the parenting thing out enough to have a second go at it and brought our little man into this world three years later
  • I am high maintenance and high return, complicated and worth it
  • I love my work as a therapeutic coach because watching someone’s light come on is better than Christmas, my birthday, & Easter combined
  • Change has been hard for me {I used to think it was because I was inherently lazy, but apparently it is a little more complicated} and little wins in marriage, parenting, business and health have been slow…but insight by insight it has happened. Worth every step. Worth every moment of despair. Worth every horrifying realization and ensuing surrender.

When you have unreasonable hope, growth is inevitable and finding freedom in who you are is the icing on the cake, leaving you feasting on every last morsel of this realm that we call life.


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