How Committed Are You?


committmentWhen my honey and I have plans to go out, and the babysitter falls through, we don’t hang our heads and decide to stay home. We hit our contact list for plan B, and if that falls through, plan C. I think we have even gone as far as plan J (I come from a big family).

This is pure determination, flexibility with a splash of creativity.

In truth, we savour those occasional outings because we know they fuel our marriage and our emotional health, and they can supercharge the fun factor in our lives. In short, it is worth the effort to overcome the barriers.

So, why not apply this mind frame to goals?

So often we allow life to get in the way of what we want most because we give up too quickly.

No time, no worries…create a plan B or plan C that allows you to stay on track, while managing the ups and downs of life.

For example {this goal is exercise, but can be exchanged for any goal…writing, quality time with loved ones, creativity, nutrition, finances}:

Your A Game: get your sweat on five to six times per week for an hour, include weights, cardio and stretching.

Your B Game: get your sweat on three times per week for twenty to forty-five minutes. Give yourself a morning stretch for a few minutes and throw in weight bearing exercises like squats, push-ups, lunges, and tricep dips on commercial breaks or with your kids.

Your C Game: one biggie workout a week, like a hike, walk, or sweat session at the gym. Then, throw in the mini exercise boosts like hop scotch, a dance off, a wrestling match or running the stairs a few times. Do this once or twice a day and throw in the sporadic weight bearing exercises listed above a few times a week. We are talking about ten minutes here and five minutes there that won’t require a shower and beauty treatment afterwards.

I get that life is hectic, but neglect is a form of abuse and your life deserves some of your best love. You deserve some of your best love.

It is easier to gather momentum than to start from scratch.

It is easier to go from your C plan to your B or A plan when life slows down than it is to go from nothing to your A or B plan. Once a goal is a habit, you can adjust the volume based on priorities and responsibilities.

If you have small children or are a single parent, your C plan may be your best until the children get older. That is okay because you are doing what it takes to build towards what your goals.

So what is your A –B – C plan? Don’t let someone prescribe to you what it should be…make it fit for you, and make it fun!

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