cuppingI don’t know about you, but up until a few weeks ago, in my world, “cupping” was something my husband does when the kids aren’t looking. Apparently, this is not what cupping is.  A girlfriend of mine invited me along to a cupping, which is a tasting of different coffees and brewing techniques.

In five and a half hours, I learned more than I thought possible about coffee and how to bring out its different flavours and attributes.  To be honest, I am a tea person and have always turned my nose up at coffee.  So, it was kind of like inviting a dog person to a tutorial on cats, but a strange thing happened…I started appreciating coffee.

Looking back, it was the Cupper’s, or rather the Barista’s, passion for coffee that captured my respect.  He talked about coffee like it was a lover that needed to be handled with respect and caressed with unbridled love.  Maybe I am exaggerating, but he definitely had a mad crush on coffee, and it gave me a newfound respect for the different aspects of coffee.

I learned about how a French press will bring out the body of a coffee, while the pour-over method allows the true flavours to come through.  Until that moment, the pour-over method was a bathing technique we use when we are camping.  I began to appreciate coffee, but more than anything, I began respecting his approach to coffee, and his ability to bring excellence to the simple task of brewing coffee.

Have I turned into a coffee drinker?  Not a chance, but a profound thing began happening.  I began to apply his remarkable mindfulness to my tea, to my cooking, to the fresh air that I breathe whenever I go outside. I learned that truly devoting 100% of yourself to a given task, no matter how simple or seemingly insignificant, brings an immeasurable return.

Thanks Coffee Guy.

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