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‘Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.’ Anon

I love this quote. I love this quote. Did I mention that I love this quote?

I don’t love this quote because it adds legitimacy to nights when I have had an extra glass of wine and Sambo decides to entertain. I love this quote because, when I hear it, I can feel my soul sigh. I can actually feel my soul exhale. Tension is momentarily released from my mind and I get a moment of transformational clarity.

Sure I know how to laugh. I love to laugh, but laughing has become the intermission in my life and not the main event.

A few months ago I wrote a guest post for a popular blog.  I was thrilled.  The big day arrived and I check the comment section with unbridled glee…

Shot down.

The first three comments were refuting a metaphor I was using in the post and completely lost sight of the main point. I was devastated.

Not only did they misunderstand the post, they were challenging who I was and my parenting choices.

I wanted to hide under my covers and scrap the notion of becoming a blogger.

Women started coming to my defence and I was able to slowly emerge from my fog of defeat and humiliation…but then something happened. A friend made a joke about the situation.

She made a joke about the metaphor and the intensity that it evoked. Something cracked in me. I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face. Sure it feels good to laugh, but all of a sudden I had clarity.

I saw that these women were entitled to their opinion and many of them were probably speaking from the same judgement that was placed upon them.

I saw how much validation I was looking for, outside of myself.

I saw how serious I was taking myself and how much importance I was placing on one guest post.

I also saw that I don’t need to live with that tension…the tension of trying to be good enough. That tension of trying to be understood and valued for what I can do or what I know.

By realizing that there is not one shred of evidence that I need to take myself so seriously, I am free to be me. As awkward and blissful as that is.

What a relief.

Are you free?

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