sam_frontpageWelcome to Unreasonable Hope, the place for anyone in the process of becoming who they want to be.

My name is Samantha Banton Smith, and I have been working in the personal development field for over thirteen years, but my journey began much earlier. Years of life as a self-help geek, and the richness of my practice as a counselor and life coach have deeply connected me to one truth:

Everyone deserves freedom, and freedom is possible, no matter what your history, your family, or how many times you have fallen.

I have dedicated the last fifteen years of my life to creating change in my life and the lives of my clients. Each insight is like a piece of the puzzle.

This blog speaks to these pieces of the puzzle and the hope that is required to continue on your journey, even when you have lost your way.

This blog is for one person.

This blog is for the one that has tried, but is still not there…because “there” exists.